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Summer Flow + Fresh Water

Greetings! A few things have changed. One is that we are on summer break and bought a camper! We have been hiking throughout South Carolina, the low country, and Georgia. I was so grateful to experience many moments of slowness and peace in the camper, out in the forest, and by the water. We cooked fresh meals, averaged a daily 10-12 miles (on non-travel days), and relished many different types of aquatic biomes. During my morning devotions, I lingered in the Word, savored my morning cup of coffee, mindfully drank cups of water, and had moments of sketching the previous days' sites. There is so much to share about it all.

But would this be an S&P season change—IT'S SUMMER, Y'ALL - without a flow article? Now, by the time I am writing this, it has only been summer for two days, and so I'm going to discuss the summer break flow (which is late spring—mid-May throughout the early summer).

Our Summer Flow is:

Wake up - devotion, wash up and wear real clothes, tighten daily lessons and materials.

Boys wake up - take their time, play, wash up, eat breakfast.

10:00 am (ish) Morning Table: We will review yesterday's learning and the work done, discuss our focus (currently Fresh Water), and then give our today's assignments (boys write down their assignments on dry-erase boards)

11:00 am (ish) Lessons (typically about 3-4)

Noon nourishment & then back to lessons

2:30 pm (ish) finished with lessons

2:30 - 4:00 pm - FREE time, family hangout, pool time, play time, whatever

If the boys' fun excludes me, I work on Gather or GrassRoots.

4:30 pm Nourishment

5:00 pm ish Sports Practice or Coach Mike time (lol), I typically break from work and work out (usually it's what my mom taught me - intervals - a long walk with a jog/pilates/calisthenics/strength training in between)

6:00 - 9:00 pm ish evening routine - dinner prep, bathing, family dinner, family movie/game/activity.

9:00 pm- 10 pm ish prayer and bed


This is our Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday schedules.

On Wednesdays, we typically adventure in the morning as a family and do scriptural studies in the afternoons. On Fridays, mornings generally consist of adventures/road trips and a few lessons.

I will work in the early mornings and evenings on hangout days.

During our adventures in the trailer - the flow will be as close to this as the Lord sees fit. If it needs to change drastically, I will share <3.




Morning Table <Resources>

Every morning, we gather at our table with some refreshments, discussing and reflecting on what we did and learned the previous day. I then expand on our lessons or give the boys time to add to their lesson notebooks. Since our current focus is on studying fresh water, each lesson we cover is somehow related to fresh water. We take this time to read scriptures about water and the importance of taking care of the environment. Our discussions also touch on environmentalism from a justice perspective, and we read quotes from individuals who are experts in the freshwater biome. In addition to that, we watch documentaries, engage in read-aloud sessions, go on field trips, complete writing assignments, and conduct experiments. I aim to integrate our various subjects and lessons within this morning period. Here are a few of the resources that are on our morning board <3

*In the spirit of always sharing sources - @kaleidographix created the graphic.


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