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A Time to Check In + Kwanzaa Flow

Kwanzaa Lessons Included

Funny enough, I began a "family community table" as a girl on Wednesday nights. My brother & I attended school (my sister homeschooled). Still, after dinner, my family would gather in the living room and have communal time with reading aloud, check-ins, dessert/popcorn/scoop of ice cream, a lesson by my mom or dad, singing together, and (sometimes 🙏🏾) an informational (PBS/BBCish) VHS or DVD. 

And although my family spent a tonnnnn of time together (and had dinner together and structured communal time felt different. And so, being an extremist, I decided to do communal time as often as possible. And so even on our worldschooling excursions, we have CT. 

For the next week, we will be focusing on Kwanzaa. Whenever we have a focus, it comes up during our community table. Community Table is when we enjoy tea and snacks, reflect on our day, discuss what's in store for our daily flow, and dive deep into our week/month focus or lessons. 

CT is typically our most extended block of time (outside of field trips). This week, we are going to combine biblical study & Kwanzaa principles. Our core/focus subjects change. So, I often combine core subjects (being looped) into our CT (i.e., math review problems, reading on dinosaurs, etc.). CT is typically planned based on the boys' interests, current events, Gather projects, or an upcoming trip (world schooling is the goal). 


Kwanzaa Study 

December 26 - January 1:


  • Community Table: Daily Flow, Kwanzaa principles 

  • Biblical Studies:

  • Umoja - unity (Ephesians 4: 3-6) 

  • Kujichagulia - determination(2 Timonthy 1:7) 

  • Ujima - collective work and responsibility (Acts 2:42-47)

  • Ujamaa - cooperative economics (Proverbs 22:16) 

  • Nia - purpose (1 Corinthians 10: 31) 

  • Kuumba - creativity (Exodus 35: 31-32) 

  • Imani - faith (Mark 11: 22- 24) 

  • Core Subjects: this week's daily lessons (45 - 60 minutes) 

  • Math: Regularly scheduled math lessons 

  • Reading:  Books recommended (and picked up from the library) by Afrocentric Montessori's curriculum and Kwanzaa's origin study; comprehension practice

  • Writing: A writing element will be present for each study; Neiko will finish the Advent essay and begin Kwanzaa writing; Noah will continue with independent writing on lined paper. Write our prayers and hopes for 2024 (grammar, spelling, drawing/art, and sight words incorporated) 

Looped: choose 1 - 3/ day 

  • Culinary:  we will select two recipes from our African American cookbook collections. 

  • Cultural & Music Study: Watch the High on the Hog documentary, episode #1 

  • Exposure: A visit to Black Wall Street 

  • Giving: Our annual clothes & toys giveaway 

  • Science (2): Geology for Neiko; life cycles for Noah Bear 

  • Geography (2):  East African geography from Afrocentric's Kwanzaa learning pack; geography lessons together (also ancient civilization) 

  • Fitness & Sports: with Mister Coach Dad

  • Health & Physical Education: with Mister Coach Dad

  • Art (2): Watercolor lessons & clay creations 


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Lynne Stone
Lynne Stone
03 בינו׳

Love to see Neiko's Advent essay and Kwanzaa writing, and Noah's independent writing on lined paper....let Noah know Gigi wants to read his story...even if it's one sentence! Great job Shelby!

04 בינו׳
בתשובה לפוסט של

Thank you, mama! I will send you pictures <3 He is so proud.

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