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The Impact of Religion.

The Impact of Religion (Muslim & Christianity) on the Civil Rights Movement. When learning about Kwanzaa, our boys had questions about Black Communities and the Civil Rights (vs. Civil War). We have discussed heavier issues in a child-friendly way with our children. Mike and I believe that part of the great Black American story is the triumph, even in the face of oppression. So, in our home (so far), we learn about oppression and discrimination through resilience, resistance, and advocacy. We discuss learning how and when to speak up against behavior that harms others. A core value is treating all humanity, the earth, the animals, and ourselves with respect, dignity, and kindness. Both boys have been briefly introduced to Jewish culture and religion. The goal is to introduce them at a high level to as many religions and cultures as possible, going deeper in information and study as they age. During his independent study time, Neiko will explore the community table lessons more thoroughly than Noah.

Our Homeschool Flow for January 2 - February 12ish

Fifth Grade


Daily (4/week): CT will happen at the end of lessons this week. 

  • Community Table: Our focus will be discussing how Christian and Muslim communities impacted the Civil Rights Movement. 

  • Religious Studies & Cultural Studies combined (most standards and learning objectives from PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly). Left off some learning objectives to modify from high school to fifth and first grade.  

  • Learning Objectives by Week: 

  • A kid-friendly overview of the Civil Rights Movement

  • A synopsis of the Muslim & Christian faith + gathering places

  • Nation of Islam

  • Mosque 

  • Church 

  • Discuss religious teachings that support the goals of the civil rights movement.

  • Explore the ways critical figures of the civil rights movement were inspired by their religious faith.

  • Consider the responsibility of religious figures and faith-based organizations to be actively involved in the civil rights movement (now and then).

  • Quick Math: A 20-minute Math review (add new concepts) within the flow. Independent work added to morning basket. 

  • Core Subjects: this week's daily lessons are mostly blended, so we are doing four core subjects for around 30/40 minutes each.  

  • Reading: 

  • Parent(s) reads aloud to both boys on the subject of the community table.

  • G5 

  • Independent Reading chapter book

  • Reading short pieces of literature (poetry, fiction, nonfiction (biography & scientific material), and mystery) focusing on vocabulary, application, and information sources. 

  • Writing

  • Independent & Share out loud reading on CT weekly topic. 

  • Integrated Learning Activities along with reading curriculum

  • See reading for subjects; each day, lessons will incorporate reading & writing (focusing on vocabulary and vocabulary connections) 

  • Science: 

  • Geology, looking at how our Earth has changed over time (integrated with geography) 

  • Vocab review: erosion, deposition, weathering, etc. 

  • Reading articles from ReadWorks  

  • A dip into Natural Disasters (integrated into writing & reading) 

  • Floods

  • National Geographic Kids  

  • Social Studies:  

  • Ancient Civilizations 

  • Ways we can learn about and from the people that lived before us

  • Oral tradition, symbols, drawings, and artifacts

  • Indigenous People

  • Hands-on (Instagram) Beauty of Play Native American map (follow and see her highlights) 

  • Way of life, homes, brilliance & innovations, and location (nomadic + communal) 

Looped: choose 1 - 3/ day (5/week) 

  • Culinary:  make fry bread, create traditional Muslim meal 

  • Cultural Study @Gather 

  • Documentary Learning: Watch the episode (ATL) of High on the Hog 

  • Exposure: HIGH Museum, buy a bean pie, go to Paschals 

  • Game School @Co-op & on Fridays 

  • Botany (G5) (2) @Gather 

  • Engineering & Chess (G5) @Co-op 

  • Fitness & Sports: with Mister Coach Dad

  • Health & Physical Education: with Mister Coach Dad & @Gather 

  • Art(3) @Gather  

  • Nature Walk & Exploration @Gather

*Because this is our monthly plan, I will add it as I plan weekly and daily lessons throughout the weeks. I will update as I go. 


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