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New Game Plan

I was going through my drafts folder. The writing that I did before I had a focus on Shalom & Polepole. I wrote this early in September. There were no thoughts of COVID-19, I had no idea when I was going to publish the website, and I didn't know much about what I wanted to write. But through prayer, writing daily, and then reading my work, my passion areas came into focus: God, nature, rhythm, community, and advocacy.

This journal entry message is brief—just a reminder to each of us to pause from the constant movement and chatter. Try to take moments daily to step away from the devices, the voices, the opinions, and do an alignment check. Listen to the vibration of God, the Holy Spirit - our - your Creator. Without the alignment check, most of us will go with the flow set by others. We will wear clothes that others deem trendy. We will advocate the way that others do. We will create for the pleasure of others, losing our voice, aesthetic, and purpose.

As Les Brown says, "most of us are born uniques, but die copies."

I have taken a break from my phone, here lately. You can read more here.


Sept. 13, 2019

I realize that to complete these blog post daily I am going to have to do voice recorded messages. And then twice a week sit down, edit and then put them down on the blog.

Sitting on the couch

Drinking wise monkey coffee leaf tea (Earl Grey) with almond milk with a side of water.

bear is napping. champ is at school. mister is working.

Today we have gone to the park, to Aldi, and the community garden.

I am trying to focus on a minimalist and simple lifestyle. Actually… not minimalist… but tidy, clear, fewer distractions. And to do that I cannot sit down in front of my computer for longer than 20 minutes daily. That is becoming very clear to me. And so in a way to do this, I am going to make sure that I do voice recordings in my notebook and then add it later on during nap times. I will have designated blog and working time.

During that time, I will take the same mind frame I had when I worked. I will make a snack, a tasty drink, my water bottle, my music, candle and I will not allow myself to stand up for 45-50 min. Then 10 min. to refill, use the restroom, stretch, get my steps in or return a text, but hopefully during nap time - I will get two of these blocks.

So that is my plan. Hope it works. Here’s to a 5-minute blog post


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Jun 11, 2020

Amen! That's what I got from it, too. Just continue to move authentically, try to be excellent, and God will handle the rest.


Lynne Stone
Lynne Stone
Jun 11, 2020

At least you're consistent in your thoughts and plans to live a more simple, slower and intentional confirmed this from a writing over a year ago! "Stay with it"is the moral of the story! xoxo

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