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Inspiration: Kai Davis

Have you ever sought out authenticity? I often do. This may sound weird to some, but inauthenticity makes my skin crawl. It makes me strangely uncomfortable. My heart breaks for folks that are so disconnected from themselves. And then there is this piece of the equation where inauthenticity resonates because I am still on my journey (as most of us are) to God's truth for my life. So, it's no surprise to anyone that social media and some self-help books are a lot for me. But then there are human beings like Kai Davis, people who exude authenticity and self-evolution.

When I watched her Ted Talk, I was in complete awe. I listen to Ted Talks quite often and rarely am I so captivated. Yes, part of it was her commitment to her Rasta community, but she is authentic, humble and embodies a woman who knows her truth.

She moves gently and effortlessly, and so when I read this quote from "Wonder Women: Empress Kai Davis": 

"I can honestly say that I have never met anyone whose serenity and inner beauty are so apparent the moment you are in their company. Her face, totally free of make-up, is not just beautiful, but it radiates warmth, kindness and compassion. " 

I said out loud (while doing homework with Neiko, my oldest), "I knew it." She is what she seems. I do not know her intricacies, and I dare not take away her layers, but it's so lovely to witness someone presenting the same on camera as they do in real life.

Watch her Ted Talk and I guarantee you'll feel her goodness stream out of the screen. And just in case you are like me and literally cannot get enough, here are some other videos I've watched: Conversations with Kai Davis, Kai Davis - When Destiny Calls, Nyabinghi Church - School.


A few of my favorite quotes from a "Jhohadli" article:

“I opted to live a simpler life and I’m a better person because of it.”

And some real truth:

“If you’ll lie to yourself, who won’t you lie to.”


You're welcome.

Blessings & Shalom,


Edited by Ashley Yancey


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