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Life of a Peripatetic

I am a peripatetic and so is my hubby. It's how we roll... errr... walk.

Peripatetic - from Greek peripateo, “I walk about”

Neiko was asked to take or draw a picture that captures something special.He took the following pictures. He said, it's because "he loves to walk and we walk everywhere."

I am absolutely a peripatetic - in the sense that I walk everywhere and I do most of my work walking. When I worked as a recruiter, all of my calls were spent walking. My boss even incorporated "walking meetings" for us and offered them to others. It was nothing for me to accumulate 12k steps. These days I do freelance projects and take care of my boys and - let me tell you - most of that time is spent walking. Time with God? Walking. Me time? Walking. Every time we move? I'm checking for walkability. I look for sidewalks, nearest grocery stores (now let's visit the store - let me see what it carries before we decide to actually make this move), etc. What else is around? Playground? Farmers' Market?

When folks ask my husband and I how we survive with only one car (outside of NYC), Mike always teases, "Shelby wouldn't even have a car if it weren't for me! She'd have an extensive bus pass, though." I act like I'm annoyed, but he's right - without him and my boys, these two feet, my bike, and public transportation would take me everywhere.

For walking inspiration: Planet Walker.

Funny story: While taking some time in Cincinnati, we lived in a suburb that was NOT in a walkable location. Good Samaritans (hopefully) would stop to check if I needed a ride when they'd see me hobbling down the street with (cloth) bags of groceries. But if it's within two miles and I have the time, I will walk it. Walking is excellent for the environment and it's relatively safe. The act of walking though, is not only beneficial to my health and environment, but also serves as a connector to my ancestors. While walking sometimes, I envision my maternal great-grandma - Mama Dodo - in the hills of Kentucky walking into town. My paternal great-grandma in the backroads of Tennessee walking to grab a carton of milk with her babies in tow. It makes me feel energetic, resourceful, and alert. I feel awake when I'm walking.

Welp, on that note, the tea kettle is whistling and my water is waiting.

Polepole, friends.


Edited by Ashley Yancey


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