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SLOW Morning Rhythm

We have about two weeks until it is Autumn. Usually around this time, when it starts becoming slightly crisp, gourds and pumpkins start showing up, and our school year has begun, I move quickly into Autumn mode. But this year, I have decided against rushing the season. And so I purposefully chose to publish our last Summer article in early September.

That said, although the season is Summer - our rhythm has changed. I would make a video to share our rhythm (and may still make it), but I usually don't touch my phone until an hour after being awake and so - a personal dilemma.


Miracle Morning:

While pregnant with Neiko, I read the book "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod. It was a game-changer for me. I couldn't implement all the strategies immediately for obvious reasons (i.e., pregnancy fatigue). Still, I have kept the systems close by (revisiting the book) and have continually reflected on them as we find our morning rhythm. You will see a lot of overlap for sure.

For those interested, his strategies are "Life S.A.V.E.R.S":

  • Silence

  • Affirmations

  • Visualization

  • Exercise

  • Reading

  • Scribing

These things should complete before 8 am.

*Note: Eldrod, himself, wakes up at 3:30 am EVERY morning. Many successful people, he gives examples, have an early wake-up.


Our (slower and later) Miracle Morning

Now, like everything in our lives, there may be some overlap, but we like flowing in an interwoven space.

Here is our SLOW-morning rhythm:

  • 6 am: Mike's alarm goes off. He gently tells me - "it's 6 am, Shelby." I always answer back - that's enough to get me out of my sleep. It's Mike's alarm because I don't keep my phone in the room, and he says he likes the quick moment - of wake up and then going back to sleep.

  • 6:00 - 6:10: I debate going back to sleep. I lay there. Honestly, this period goes anywhere from three minutes to 20 minutes lol.

  • 6:10ish: Sit up, stretch, and drink my water (from a water bottle). I typically sleep with a cup of water (for the evening and in the night) and my morning water bottle. They are both on my nightstand. I have not gotten up yet.

  • 6:13ish: Go into my closet, grab some cozy clothes for the day. Stumble into the bathroom. Light a candle & clean face, wash up, teeth. Turn on light - hair & makeup.

  • 6: 35ish: Grab my journal, daily schedule, Bible, pens, and water bottle and head to the living room. I fill up the water bottle, light a candle, plug-in coffee, open window shades (so I can see the sunrise), and begin to journal (at least three pages) under one of the throw blankets. Journal includes a prayer list, gratitude list, and brain dump.

  • 6:55ish: Pour coffee and continue, begin to plan out and visualize my day. Around this time, I take my phone off the charger in the foyer. I read the Bible and the book that I'm reading from my phone or my Kindle.

  • 7:20ish: Mike wakes up, and we have our coffee together with candlelight and chat.

  • 7:45ish: Boys get out of their beds. They've been playing for about 20 minutes in their room. Mike makes breakfast for them. I go to my desk to prepare for our day - finishing anything cut short in my previous quiet time. I respond to texts, emails, last details of lessons, social media, write, etc.

  • 8:30ish: I'm out of the room and with the boys for a soft start to our day. Writing down the day's rhythm and assignments (SWBAT)* on the board. Mike takes his time to pray, read the Bible, set up for his day.

  • 9:00 am: Mike starts work, school starts for both boys, and my phone goes back in the foyer on the charger on do not disturb (except for phone calls - think 1990s) until 5 pm.

*SWBAT - students will be able to...(end of day/week goals)

The goal for our days is to create alignment with the circadian rhythm. This starts in the mornings. Ensuring that we are ready for our peak hour of alertness at 10 am, while also making sure that our bodies are prepared for rest by the melatonin secretion at 9 pm. We (Mike, Neiko, and I) try to minimize light usage throughout the day. We are also mindful that we create space to pray, meditate, and engage in deep thought. Although we aren’t leaving the house - each person is thoroughly clean, groomed, dressed, fed, and hydrated - and we’ve all had interactions with one another. Each morning, my goal is a sense of harmony and peace versus a sense of urgency. Electronics in the living space are limited.

Polepole, Friends!



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