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Spring Shalom & Polepole

Spring is a time of renewal, cleansing, and tons of growth. That doesn’t change because of the COVID-19. In fact, in many ways, a polepole lifestyle is enhanced due to social distancing.

15 ways to increase shalom and polepole living this spring:

  1. Candles - seasonal candles provide a dim light, a soothing presence, and a warming effect. In fact, candles are scientifically proven to reduce stress and promote quality sleep.

  2. A tidy house - listen, I am not the cleanest person. And imperfection doesn’t bother me. But I’ve found that keeping spaces organized and open, promote creativity, reduces Mike’s stress (he is super clean), generate a calming atmosphere, and allows for my boys to have a serene, safe space. I also find working on a project (organizing, clearing out, look through) opens my mind to imaginative thoughts, rehashes memories, and creates tranquility.

  3. Soft throw blankets - My cousin Ashley is a master crocheter and has made some of the most artistic coverings for us. In the spring, I replace all of our thick, cozy blankets with her soft crotched creations. I love to throw them over my chairs to bring in a fresh feeling of spring.

  4. Takedown winter decor - during your spring clean routine, replace all winter decor with spring colors and textures.

  5. GO outside - no, don’t sit on the same bench as a stranger, yes, bring sanitizer, don’t shake hands, be cautious. But do not let fear keep you from being outdoors. Whether in your backyard, a picnic outdoors, or a trail - go outside and breathe.

  6. Turn off the lights - open your curtains, lift up your window, and allow for natur breeze. Enjoy the natural light that comes from daylight savings and when it becomes dim, enjoy the breeze and sit by candlelight. Read a book with the window up during a heavy rain shower - you’re welcome. Use as little artificial light as possible.

  7. Enjoy sweet and sour - yes, umami, bitter, and salty are still essential tastes. But lean on sweet and sour in the spring. An example can be replacing your iced latte with a tea/herb latte, a basil lemonade, a fruit infused water.

  8. Create a pillowy nook - stack pillows in your bed, on your couch, and on the floor. Create a cozy nook just for relaxing, praying, stretching, meditating, doodling, visualizing, writing, thinking, napping. Let it be a sacred place that you make space for daily.

  9. Build a nature table - it doesn’t have to be the traditional nature table, but just a space that you bring in or design pieces of the Spring ecosystem. It can be a vase loaded with dandelions, a bowl of lemons, a drawing of a squirrel, fabric that reminds you of the sunset, a jar of daffodils, and so on.

  10. Listen - listen to the birds. I am consistently around bird watchers. Witnessing their stillness while listening for the distinctive call of each bird -has inspired me. The sky's harmonious symphony.

  11. Take pictures - Take pictures and post them, print them out, put them up, create an album. Moments captured foster memories.

  12. Call loved ones - Talk to loved ones over the phone. Enjoy hearing their voice and swapping stories, recipes, memories, and dreams.

  13. Incorporate raw foods - eat vegetables and fruits and all of the seasonal goods below (list provided by Food and Wine).

All the polepole in one place.
my drawing of spring polepole
Spring Fruits & Vegetables: 
Apricots, Artichokes, Asparagus, Avocados, Carrots, Chives, Fava Beans, Fennel, Leeks, Mangoes, Morels, Peas, Pineapples, Potatoes, Rhubarb, Spinach, Watercress

Want to add to the list some of my favorites - beets, strawberries, dandelion greens, arugula, nettles, and sweet cherries

Until next time shalom and polepole, friends.



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