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What's Gather Forest School?

I've gotten a few questions about what I "do"? Well, I am a homeschooling mama that also co-created (with one of my favorite people -Ashley (@afrocentric.montessori)) a beautiful outdoors community called Gather. Recently, I re-introduced us in an article on our website. Here is the article:


What & Who is Gather?

Hi friends, We have soooo many new faces! A HUGE WELCOME!!!

photo by Irina Iriser

We are a black-centered eco-forest school that offers an outdoorsy community, nature-based events, resources, and materials for children.


Black-centered, all our materials, books, events, and resources have black children in mind. We have created a space where black children feel liberated, safe, celebrated, and have a sense of belonging. We want adults to feel included (lol), but our primary focus is protecting and honoring the dignity of childhood.

We are a Forest school, not a:

  • Nature (or nature-based) school (30% minimum outdoors)

  • Farm school (on a farm)

  • Waldorf (outdoor free play)

  • Montessori (forming an outdoor environment with indoor)

  • A traditional school that meets outdoors (traditional classes outside)?

All of these schools are wonderful & we have incorporated pieces of each of them in our flow, but we are a forest school. Forest schools are considered to be the most immersive type of outdoor education. Forest schools can be located in public parks, gardens, forests, etc. The key is the time; time spent indoors must be minimal during school hours. That's why you won't find many true-to-definition "forest schools" that go longer than four hours. Most don't meet daily. Risks such as exploration, independent play, and wandering must also be incorporated into the curriculum. At Gather, we spend 99.93% of our time outdoors.

Eco or environmental education, because our Gather curriculum is steeped in:

  • Ecological systems

  • Agriculture & urban horticulture

  • Scientific observation

  • Environmentalism

  • Biodiversity

  • Environmental relationships

We focus on being sustainable and ecologically conscious.


We offer:

  • School - FULL for the 2022-2023 year (11 months)

  • Saturday Schools

  • Camping

  • Community Playdates

  • Resources

  • Virtual Calls

  • Clothing Swaps

  • Learning Materials

  • And more...

Outside of the school, we are a team of seven passionate volunteers.

Shalom, friends!



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Thank you for the clear and precise discription of a Forest School.....I finally get it!!!

Sooo Cool😃...Your students go home after school with an understanding and appreciation of the earth that other kids never think about or engage in conversation or thought. Thank You!


I really love this distinction of what a Forest School is and is not! Thank you.


Nov 28, 2022

Thank you so much, mama!


Lynne Stone
Lynne Stone
Aug 25, 2022

So happy you posted what Gather school "is not" and "what it is" ! I have always appreciated the work you do, but now I fully understand the work you do!🤔

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