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August Flow

If there is anything that is most requested from me it is my daily flows & an explanation of how I make them. So let's hop in:

And here is the deal, our flow & routine change all the time.

In fact, the only thing that doesn't change is my persistence in creating one. I have kept a fairly detailed schedule & record of my day for.... hmmm.... high school. In fact, I remember my Teach For America interview; the interviewer asked me to describe my organization system. I literally pulled out a filled-out planner, a no-lines book filled with drawing and doodling of my schedule, and a little pocket journal for my thoughts, feelings, and ways to be more efficient.

Years later, I read the notes from that interview (sorry, TFA) as a recruiter, and my organization (and leadership) were my strongest attributes. Although my system was overwhelming (to the interviewer lol), there was proof that it saved me time, allotted me buffer time, and assured me that I wouldn't drop the ball.

But yes, my organization systems are like me: A LOT.

What can I say, there is a ton going on in my inner life? Am I the only one?

But thank you, organizational therapist & my mama, for your work early on - all of the stuff on the spreadsheets & papers used to be whirling around my head with a very chaotic escape.


That said, this August, Gather Forest School will begin, and for the past month, we are a household of four kids (3-year-old girl, 4-year-old boy, 6-year-old girl & 8-year-old boy), homeschool-ish (combined with four hours of forest school). This August feels differently than last August's rhythm.

Now I typically make an overarching schedule that I hand-craft or type out. I post them in my stories on Instagram. I hang the flow up for my family to look at. The kids loooove it and often memorize and quote it (it makes life soooo much easier). This is currently hanging up in our study:

This is primarily for the family. I make them once a month (more or less) and hang them. The kids notice before I do, that there is a change in our rhythm and at that point, I change the family guide.


I typically don't add my own solo flow to the poster. So for example, here lately, I've been waking up for daily devotion & work sometime between 5:00 - 5:30 am. This morning 4:50 am. And I am typically in bed, and resting by about 9:30/10 pm. Unfortunately, last night, it was 11: 00 pm (so much planning). Today will be a late afternoon siesta. Finding time to completely and wholly rest is CRITICAL to sustainability and longevity.

I don't add siestas, my morning hours, or my late hours to the kids' visual. I keep track of those things in my wellness chart & my schedule spreadsheet. Below:

As far as my brain dump & to-do, I handwrite them in my Destined Planner. I still doodle and capture thoughts/notes/quotes in a blank hardback book. And I use a mama book for our lessons. My mama book(s) also makes a cameo in my insta stories.

That said, all of it is based on the day & the flow of the week. And at this point doing all of this is like 10 minutes out of my day... but dumping it all out on paper gets it out of my head & body. And honestly, if I didn't get it all out, I'd be in a constant state of confusion and chaos that often leads to nonchalance and being stagnant.

Peace, my people!



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