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Autumn Life + Homeschool Flow.

Last month, I went on a search. I scoured over 50 daily rhythms I'd written down to see what could work this season.

by Sixteen Miles Out

I change my flow (slightly) based on the season. My goal is always to find slowness in the day and reduce decision fatigue and choice paralysis. But this season, adding a heavy sports schedule to my current roles was a wipeout. I needed God's grace, mercy, and a practical (elusive) schedule to extend my energy until I could snuggle with Mike at night.



It's important to acknowledge that the past year has been incredibly difficult for many people worldwide. There has been a great deal of bloodshed, natural disasters, and human suffering that has been unprecedented and devastating. These events and others have affected our community, friends, and ourselves in ways I never imagined. Additionally, numerous day-to-day issues weighed heavily on my mind, making it challenging to stay focused and positive. Naturally, I wished for a return to simpler, happier times - this summer - but I had to keep pushing forward - using strategies to keep me afloat. And what supported this was, honestly, Shalom & Polepole. When I began this website during my Sabbatical, I had no idea how the writings and research would sustain me in such tumultuous times. So, throughout this time, I was super aware of the thought spirals and signs of chronic stress. Realizing I was getting weary, overwhelmed, and sorrowful, I urgently moved to repair.


Cleaning My Home & Clearing My Mind.

Photo by Sixteen Miles

In this instance, repair looked like fasting, praying, and organizing the disordered places in my home. Yes, you heard me right as I silently and slowly ordered my home's dark and unseen areas - my mind and heart became clearer. Like my mom said (referencing Luke 17:14), "As they walked, they were healed." I'd look for moments of alone time - turn everything off - and start a monotonous meditation. I'd thank God for every element of my life, knowing what a blessing the people, moments, and materials are.

As I silently and slowly did chores, cooked, and did home projects and homeschool lessons, everything fell in place - including our flow. And this is what I realized - I cannot have an hour-by-hour flow this season. All I can do is lean into the present, creating as many opportunities as possible to move slowly without multitasking. Just listening and allowing myself gratitude for that moment.



My schedule is blocked due to various roles and responsibilities, but I am finding ways to find rest in the work in order to maintain a relaxing workflow.

photo by Sixteen Miles

Block Schedule:

5 am - 8 am - morning flow*

8 - 2 pm - teaching (at Gather)

2 pm - 5:30 pm - home & lessons (teaching & creating)

5:30 - 8 pm sports practices/work (planning, writing, meetings, etc.)

8 - 9:30 pm evening flow

*My body naturally wakes up between 4:30 and 5:40 am (mornings consist of scripture study, coffee, writing, cooking, printing out lessons, (potential) workouts, preparing for work)

Week Flow:

The boys wanted to have a weekly flow, so we created one :) It's been an excellent tool for family collaboration, imagination, and using my brain differently.

Soulfood Sunday Sabbath

Meatless Monday

Taco Tuesday

Wacky Wednesday (Field Trip Days)

Throwback Thursday - Homeschool Co-op with Daddy

Family Friday

Sports Saturday

Our Homeschool Flow for December:

December 3 - December 24

December 26 - Jan.1

  • Kwanzaa: Using the robust curriculum created by Afrocentric Montessori & Booklist

  • Cultural & Food Study: We will consume African-American food documentaries (creating the list now). I will collect African-American culinary books so that cooking will stem from that.

  • Language Arts are included in the food and Kwanzaa study, along with thinking about how we want to enter our new year.

As a year-round homeschooling family, we consider ourselves eclectic and flexible in our approach. During designated breaks, we like to slow down and embrace an unschooled wander flow, where we can explore, appreciate solitude, and spend quality time with family. As such, toward the end of December, wandering, family huddles, and exploration will be a key part of our routine.


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