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Autumn Reading Tips

Autumn is my favorite season. Period. I love it more than words can describe. It's the season of comfy foods, cozy weather, academia, and BOOKS. Now, I want to be upfront - I am a bibliophile.

A what - PHILE, sis?

A self-proclaimed Millenial bibliophile.

What are my qualifications, you ask?

 English Literature/Journalism major (BA, M.Ed), English teacher, reading specialist (focusing on children with learning differences), and an avid reader.

Or maybe you didn't ask but as a woman, specifically a woman of color... I feel the need to list my credentials.

"Oh, Shelby you can bring race into anything?"

Please read this article or the one above and let's talk afterward, k?


Let's Talk Reading

I tell you that to give you context as to why I had No IdEa where to begin writing an article on "how to read more." Like a sistah may not find time to do anything outside of a messy bun, but I will find time to sit and read. This is probably an equal mix of nature and nurture. My father ALWAYS READS... think "dad's chair" (the oversized lazy boy recliner) where he consumes books and newspapers. That's my dad. Family mall trips comprised of him inconspicuously slipping into the bookstore. And my mom loved assigning summer/winter reading projects and has an almost fetish type love of editorials (magazines). Add a dash of no internet, and there you have it - a bibliophile.

So, when other mamas, specifically homeschooling/stay-at-home mamas, ask me, "how do you have time to read?" I'm like...errrr... kinda like Susanna Wesley. Ms. Wesley - the mother of John and Charles Wesley, the founders of Methodism - homeschooled her ten children. But when her apron was over her head, often for two hours (at a time), it meant she was not to be disturbed.

SIDENOTE: Can you imagine, she bore 19 children, lost 9, homeschooled (the remaining) 10, not so great husband (that continued to put her in financial ruin) and still had brilliant children? Chile...where is my apron?

So, yes, for reading, I typically put my theoretical apron above my head. That said, I also tend to avoid social media, internet browsing, television, and texting when I know I can be reading. When I'm reading the least, I find it tends to be because I am swapping books for short online reading/viewing.

That said, I read 10 Tips to Read More from Flow Magazine while waiting in line at the market. And I enjoyed it.

For those that hate to click, here are the condensed tips (tips are theirs, descriptions are mine):

  1. Set priorities - reach for your book first.

  2. Find a genre that suits you.

  3. Stop with books that you don’t like

  4. Don’t set your goals too high - don't get competitive.

  5. Always pop a book in your bag***

  6. Create a stockpile - always have the next book on hand

  7. Set a timer

  8. Join a book club

  9. Read short books

  10. Read aloud or take notes

Honestly, y'all, I chose this article because I ABSOLUTELY DO (and highly recommend) ALL OF THESE THINGS. My favorite tip is to pop a book in your bag. I cannot speak enough on this one. I usually have my Library, Kindle, Goodreads app, and Books app on my smartphone. But I've been carrying a book (thanks to all the small libraries popping up) during my digital detox, and it's been so darn nostalgic. Reminds me of Autumn time in NYC, Oxford, or's perfection.

Seriously, please try it. Put on your favorite comfy jeans, a "plain" shirt, your favorite gym shoes (sneakers), and throw a book in your purse/back pocket/or carry it. Take a pen, a tasty drink, and a quiet stroll. Find your favorite spot (six feet at least away from the nearest person) and read. Take a short break - stare at the leaves - then back down at your book.

You're welcome, Friends.



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2 комментария

12 окт. 2020 г.

Girl!!!! This sounds so heavenly, I cannot see straight. I am about to add the book to my list. Let me know if you like it. FIREEEE PITTTTT literally one of my most favoritest (yes, I know it's not a thing)things in the WORLD. Reading outside is a whole vibe. It is a mood changer for real!


Tasha Brown
Tasha Brown
08 окт. 2020 г.

Yes, you definitely have a book in tow when you're out and about (thinking back to our meetup last month).

The pandemic has been good for me. I've been reunited by my forever love of reading (currently reading: Dust Tracks on a Road by Zora Neale Hurston). There's nothing like circling up with a good book on my patio for two hours. And as temps turn brisk, I'll add an electric blanket or fire pit. There's just something about reading outside.

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