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Hygge Sustainable Style

There are quite a few things that I am excited about this late Autumn/winter.

Love this photo by Karabo Mdluli - he has total Neiko vibes

Y'all, I am trying my hand at complete gratitude and trying to see the beauty in EVERYTHING. 😬

That said, this one thing is not a stretch at all: I am so excited about BIG SWEATSHIRTS, BIG long sleeve shirts, and BIG sweaters. One of the most prominent cold-weather trends this season is oversized tops. Blame it on folks hanging at home all day, lol. This trend stretches across gender, age, race, and culture. There are so many reasons why this is exciting to me - here are just a few...err six...reasons:

  1. I am an 80's baby (90s wild child), and so this style is super nostalgic. Come on, Kris Kross.

  2. It's completely aligned to my style ALWAYS and in all ways (to my family/friends' annoyance). My clothing motto: "If I am not drowning in it, I don't want it."

  3. It's super THRIFTABLE - come on, sustainability.

  4. It's anti-ageist

  5. It's body inclusive.

  6. It's Hygge ah (as heck)


Make it yours, friends.

Clarisse Meyer captured the open BIG shirt look <3

Now, for folx confused about how to wear OVERSIZED shirts. Let's go over fun ways to make large tops work for you:

  1. For my friends that need to feel body refinement - tuck the center of the sweatshirt into the front of your pants. Leave the rest out - this gives you shape and shows your waist.

  2. My classy frans - wear a tight turtle neck or a collared shirt under your sweater/sweatshirt.

  3. Nostalgic Kinfolk - pair with high waisted pants (particularly mom jeans) and some Ked-ish shoes

  4. For my funky folx - wear some WHITE (yes, you can), cream, or fun colored straight-legged pants underneath.

  5. For my kindred-nerdy folk - TUCK THE sweatshirt in high wasted pants - make sure your pants are rolled at the bottom, and you're totting a bookbag.

  6. For my Trendy WOKE* folk - purchase from a BIPOC owned-business with a DOPE saying/picture.

*Let's PAUSE and NAME: COVID has wiped out half of all black-owned businesses. Black businesses were twice as likely as white businesses to close. So show your support where you can.


In my mom-voice (wearing mom jeans):

One piece of advice for my new-to-the game oversized sweatshirt lovahs is have your "head did." Old school black folx know what this means. Y'all, seriously, make sure that your hair is styled to fit what you are going for. Hear me... IF YOU ARE DONNING BED HEAD, you will look like you have morning breath (no judgement). If you aren't going for that "I really woke up like this" look, then you need to do "something" to your hair - a style, a ponytail, a hat, a hair scarf, a fresh cut, a nice pick out, twists, whatever...

Peace, Friends.


There is no better way to say this, but please subscribe if you enjoyed this read & share if you feel compelled. This is a black-owned, woman-owned business. But as with any work done by anyone BUT especially a BIPOC woman, reading and then using this work without acknowledging & supporting is creative theft and black woman erasure.


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