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SLOW Breakfast Vibes

Mike & I have been trying to make a big breakfast on weekend mornings. It brings the family so much joy.

Written: By Shelby

Date: August 27, 2019

The cool thing about the sabbatical as I’ve been able to dive into reading and watching documentaries on cultures around the globe.

And the one thing I realize is the importance of eating meals together. I grew up having dinner together and a big breakfast/brunch after church (it's such a beautiful thing about the black worship experience).

I loved those times around the table talking, laughing, and debating all night. Now, don't get me wrong. - I always eat dinner with my boys. But lately, I've been having a breakfast spread ON THE WEEKENDS and spending time leisurely sitting down and eating together. It's magical.

On weekdays, all of our breakfasts are separate:

Big Boy at 6:20 am - I am drinking water while packing his lunch.

Bear at 8:00 am - I am having my first or second cup of coffee.

Mister at his desk - two boiled eggs

Regardless of the food, sitting down together with plates piping hot and enjoying that morning ritual has been amazing for us.

Written by: Shelby

Date: June 14, 2021

Then COVID hit. It's crazy to read things that were pre-COVID. The three breakfasts during the week truly hit me hard. In his "Keep the Change" series, Pastor Roy has been talking about the temptation to go back to "normal." During COVID, so many of us stripped down to the essential elements of our lives, and now that everything is returning to pre-COVID conditions, it's tempting to go right back to the hustle and bustle. It's easy to fall back into the oversaturated hustle and bustle of pre-2020. But as his series discusses, there are some changes that we should keep.

To be honest, our big Saturday throwdown became slightly rarer, but in 2020 & 2021 (so far), breakfast has not been in waves. No one was absent for breakfast. Don't get me wrong; we weren't all eating at the same time. Often our boys eat while Mike and I enjoy a cup of coffee. But we are all sharing space, in the ritual, in the flow...

I don't want this to change, but breakfast may need to be earlier or even look different with Gather starting in the fall. But my prayer is that we find a way to keep this change...this delicate breakfast rhythm that circles around the dining room table. And for now, I am cherishing this sweet time when our little Southern cocoon is lit by the fire flicker & the only sounds are of little voices and a slight buzz from brewing coffee.

Peace & an abundance of love, friends.



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Jennifer Nnoli
Jennifer Nnoli
Jul 22, 2021

We have a lot of slow, thoroughly enjoyed weekend breakfast vibes most weekends and I LOVE it. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, french toast, tea... It's our reminder that there's no where to hurry to, most times it's breakfast and back to bed for the adults while kids watch tv. Thanks for the encouragement to slow down in all aspects of life.

Aug 03, 2021
Replying to

That sounds like Heaven! Honestly. Wow & back to bed…I don’t know when the last time I got back in bad…that’s my goal in the next month for sure

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